Violin making course application July/August 2024

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About yourself

It is useful for the teachers to know a little about you; for example, whether you are an experienced wood worker, or have made an instrument before. Experience is not necessary - every year there are newcomers who have no such background at all. The majority of students are British, but some come from Europe and further afield. Spanish and a little German are spoken by one or more of the teachers.

Before you arrive

Even a concentrated week is all too short to learn about the details of construction; if you are beginning a new instrument on the course we can join the wood for fronts and backs and saw out scroll blocks before you arrive. We also particularly recommend that you order an inside mould with blocks fitted. With these things prepared in advance, an instrument begun on one course can be completed on the following year's course (if enough work is done in between). We will buy back the mould when your instrument body is complete if you do not want it.

Wood and tools

The prices of wood relate primarily to the figure of the maple; all sets have adequate quality spruce (Swiss pine) for fronts of instruments. On request we can sometimes provide one-piece backs. All the tools that you will need are provided, and some are available for purchase. We can also supply you with all the necessary accessories.

If you are a newcomer to instrument making and are not sure which model of instrument you would like to make, we recommend the Guarnerius violin and the Stradivarius cello. Under some circumstances (but not when you are a beginner), models not listed on the application form can be made available.


The course fee for 2024 is £480. Please do NOT send money now. We will let you know as soon as we can which course(s) we can offer, at which point we will ask for either a non-refundable deposit of £80 or, if you are booking accommodation, a cheque for that amount.

Apply online

Make an application using this web site. You must have access to an email address in order to complete the online application process.

Apply by fax or post

Print the form and fax to +44 (0)1223 411382 or post to:

The Violin Workshop
70A Hartington Grove
United Kingdom

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