Welcome to The Violin Workshop

The Violin Workshop, based in Cambridge UK and run by The Cambridge Violin Makers, offers one week summer courses in violin making and bow making. We have students of all ages and professions coming from all over the world to learn from our team of professional craftsmen.
Evening and daytime classes in violin making have been run by The C.V.M for over fifty five years now for those within regular traveling distance;  week long summer courses have been running for almost forty years now for those who are coming from further afield.
In 1990, Bowmaking was added as an option for both evening class and summer course, although subsequently the evening class ended. Daytime classes in Furniture Restoration, Small Furniture Making, Woodcarving, Drawing & Painting and most recently guitar making are also available.
Aside from the courses run by the C.V.M, the Workshop also undertakes repairs of violins, violas, 'cellos and basses, and produces new handmade instruments  on a commission or "try & buy" basis and other new and old violins, violas and cellos on a "try & buy" basis.


Standard opening hours are 10am - 6pm Monday to Friday
                                              10am - 1pm Saturdays

In order to give you our fullest attention please arrange an appointment before coming. Sometimes we are involved in very intricate work and are unable to see customers immediately.

Appointments are available at other times - please e-mail to enquire.



Repairs & restoration

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